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Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to adopt this adorable little havanese puppy. He is the joy of our lives.

Sincerely, Robert from Los Angeles, California

california havanese puppies

california havanese puppies


We love our little chocolate Havanese puppy. We called several breeders looking for a chocolate Havanese puppy, and you were the only one who had one.

Thank you, again, for spending so much time to tell me about the havanese and your breeding methods.  I really appreciate it!

Thank you, Sally from Miami, Florida

Kim and Jim,

Your puppy has blessed our family. He is the most wonderful dog we have ever owned.

Your time is valuable and I want to thank you for spending so much time with us.

We will definitely be calling you for another puppy when we are ready for a Buddy.

Carrie in New York City, New York

california havanese puppies
california havanese puppies


We are so glad that we found your website and that you had such a wonderful puppy for us. We love him so much. Our Havanese has the most beautiful color of any we have ever seen. Thank you for helping us know how to train and raise our colorful havanese puppy. Robin from San Francisco, California

Kim Dahlin, What an awesome little personality she is. We just adore her. Our family think she is the best havanese puppy we have ever had. We appreciate all your time and efforts in raising and socializing our puppy. Amanda and family from San Jose, California

california havanese puppies
california havanese puppies Kim and Jim, You are wonderful. My mom just can’t stop talking about her new little baby. Thank you for making her so happy. Sally from Manhattan New York
Kim, This might just be the most perfect puppy in the world! Thank you all you have done to breed such a precious havanese puppy. He is great with children and has the best temperament. Chris from Sacramento California california havanese puppies
california havanese puppies

Dear Kim Dahlin,

What a sweet personality and character. She is so well socialized and gets along well with our other dog and our cat. They are so much fun to see together. You are wonderful. Lizzy from Arizona

Kim, Wow! Thank you. He is a perfect, He is such a beautiful havanese puppy and is just what we were looking for. You have done a great job. Thank you again. Jeff from Reno, Nevada california havanese puppies
california havanese puppies Kim Dahlin, I can’t thank you enough for this little fella. He is everything we expected. We are so happy. Danielle in New York, New York
Kim Dahlin, We named him Manhattan. He is our little man! Thank you for everything you have done to help us acquire this little Havanese puppy. He is the best! Jennifer from Manhattan New York, NY
california havanese puppies
california havanese puppies


You have bred the most awesome puppy we have ever owned. What a personality! He is so majestic. People stop and stare where ever we go. Thank you so very much for this beautiful havanese puppy. Margo from Long Beach California

Kim Dahlin,

As far as breeders go, we feel that you are the best we have ever bought from. You gave us so much information and answered all of our questions and taught us exactly how to raise this havanese puppy. Thank you for your time and knowledge. Paul and Kristi from Phoenix Arizona

california havanese puppies
california havanese puppies


Here are photos of our chocolate Havanese puppy. You are such a great breeder. We love your Havanese dogs.

All your Havanese puppies are so adorable too. You are right about their cute personality and temperament. They are perfect. Thank you blessing our home with one of your little sweeties.

Tara from Salt Lake City Utah


Here is our New Jersey boy. He was featured on the ABC eyewitness News as the cutest puppy. Thank you for allowing us to pick our puppy. Your family is wonderful. Your Havanese puppies are the most socialized puppies we have ever seen. We will keep in touch and send you photos.

Thanks again, Judy from New Jersey

california havanese puppies



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