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Be Cautious When Choosing a Breeder

You may have heard the terms ‘puppy mill’, ‘puppy farm’ or ‘backyard breeder’. It is important to understand the meanings of these terms and how important it is to choose a quality breeder.

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The terms puppy mill and puppy farm are interchangeable. Basically they are commercial dog breeding facilities that are operated with an emphasis on profit for the owners of the facility. Unfortunately, many times the emphasis on the money creates substandard conditions for the life of the dog. Puppy mills produce over half a million puppies each year in the U.S..

A backyard breeder is very similar to a puppy mill except it is generally a small scale operation with fewer animals.

Either way you look at it puppy farms, mills or backyard breeders are all factory farms that produce puppies for profit. Generally, these types of breeders aren’t concerned with the health of their dogs, they don’t socialize or play with their dogs and the living conditions are substandard. The dogs are normally bred too often in unhealthy and poor conditions. Puppies are many times removed from their mothers far too early and shipped to pet stores across the country. Many puppies are severely traumatized by the transition and die.

DOs and DO NOTs of choosing a breeder:

DO NOT purchase a puppy from a puppy mill, puppy farm, backyard breeder or from pet stores. These puppies are more likely to have health and temperament problems.

DO NOT purchase a puppy from the back of a van or on the side of the road. Many brokers will make excuses why you can’t come to their home. This is how brokers operate.

DO NOT consider purchasing a puppy from someone who advertises more than one breed for sale. They are most likely a ‘puppy broker’. These puppies probably came from puppy mills.

DO ask for health testing.

DO ask to see the mother of the puppies.

DO ask for the pedigree.

DO choose a breeder that socializes their puppies in their home and is willing to have you pick up your new puppy in their home.

DO purchase puppy that is AKC registered so you are guaranteed that it is a pure bred.

DO work with breeders that have written contract and health guarantee.

DO purchase a puppy whose shots are up to date and have been examined by a licensed veterinarian.


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